The Road that Led Me Here

Kent William Innholt 1 min read

In the near future, this will hopefully become a useful repository for thoughts on interaction design and web engineering.

However, before we can get started, here's a quick bit about who I am.

In brief, I'm into UX, web technologies and videogames—in no particular order.

Currently I'm enjoying my work at m›PATH exploring a React.js/CoffeeScript and Ruby/Sinatra tech stack as well as a host of complex UX problems.

Previously, I worked for Fan TV doing web development and UX design for their cutting-edge web app and backend tools.

I also worked as a UI designer at Disney Interactive on Facebook-based social games like Threads of Mystery and World Series of Poker.

I have a Master's degree in Computer Science with specialization in interaction design from the University of Oslo. For my thesis, I designed and implemented a prototype “videogame for women” and learnt a lot about the ways this kind of gender-driven design can be problematized.